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It is nothing less than a miracle to have a baby grow inside of you. Taking extra good care of yourself during these special nine months is more important than ever before, because it is now that you are taking care of two human beings – a big responsibility.


It is a time to abandon life-negating habits, such as smoking and alcohol, and to be mindful about what you are putting in your body to nourish yourself and your baby. For some this comes as naturally as any thought of something that is not good for us or the baby is just making us nauseous. You might even battle nausea, even if you are only turning to healthy foods – due to drastic hormonal changes in your body.


With the growth of the baby your weight will increase, and you might feel worried about your body losing it’s shape – as it temporarily will – so it is important to realize that pregnancy is not a free pass to any amount of food that you want to consume, but that instead you want to be extra mindful of how much food you and your baby really need – it will keep you both healthy and will make it so much easier to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape when your baby is born.


It is important to realize that pregnancy does not mean that you are “sick” in any way, even though you might battle nausea and might not feel the same as before – you want to just tune in more closely to your body’s needs and adjust your lifestyle and activity level accordingly.


For being more in tune with your body it is a good idea to set time aside every day to meditate – not only does it connect you more deeply to yourself, it also connects you to your baby to take this special time just for the two of you.


Hypnosis can help you to establish a good connection with yourself, to maintain a healthy weight gain during the course of the pregnancy, and can also support you greatly to avoid any life negating habits. It can also alleviate any pain or discomfort during pregnancy and even during child birth.


This is your special time – it is up to you to make it a time of joy, happiness and anticipation!


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