Hypnotherapy’s Deep Roots in the Healing Arts

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Hypnosis has been called by some the learning state of mind because it represents a state of mind open to change. It has been well established that hypnotherapy has been around for as long as the earliest records that mention it, dating back as early as 2000 B.C.

What many people really want to know when asking, “Does it really work?” is “Is it actually safe?”  The answer is “Yes!” and, a brief review of Hypnotherapy’s roots will help you to understand why time has proven its effectiveness in improving peoples’ lives.

  • 2000 B.C. – Documentation of healing trances in India and Egypt indicate that repetitive chants and healing affirmations were used to heal.
  • 1500 – Paracelsus used a sleep state trance to heal people.
  • 1800 – Franz Mesmer used positive suggestions to effect cures.
  • 1850 – James Braid, popularly titled the word Hypnosis and became known as the Modern Father of Hypnotism, Braid discovered that hypnosis was a relaxed focus state of concentration, not sleep.
  • 1850 – Dr. James Esdaile reported 345 major operations performed using mesmeric sleep as the anesthetic in British India.
  • 1860 – By the time of the American Civil War Hypnosis was used effectively, and extensively, by military doctors in the field. It was replaced with chemical anesthesia.
  • 1955 – The British Medical Association recognized Hypnotherapy as an effective therapeutic treatment.
  • Since the 1950’s – thousands of medical and psychological journals have published scientific studies documenting the safe and effective use of Hypnosis in clinical care.

The history of Hypnotherapy, as well as recent scientific study, details an effective treatment that:

  1. Predates modern medicine and has been in continual use.
  2. Is safe.
  3. Has been credited with helping others and can help YOU achieve your goals!

Contact TH and take the first step toward achieving your goal.

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