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A key truth about diets that unlocks the mystery.

Oprah Winfrey made national headlines with her recent announcement that she has purchased a 10% stake in Weight Watchers. Despite some sensational headlines announcing that DIETS DON’T WORK, one of the canniest business people in the western world chose to buy-in to Weight Watchers.  Diets DO WORK! There are literally thousands of diets and many of them work!

Since some people are saying that diets don’t work, while others are swearing by their diets (and even investing part of their fortunes in them) now is a good time to examine a key truth about diets that unlocks the mystery to two seemingly opposed points of view.

Putting aside Ms. Winfrey’s investment strategies for a moment, let’s consider your own experience. You know people who have lost weight on diets; how did they do it? You may even have lost weight on a diet yourself; why didn’t the results last?

Let’s start answering these important questions by examining the definition of a weight loss diet.  This type of diet can be thought of as emphasizing:

1. A special course of food to which one restricts oneself to lose weight.
2. Restricting oneself to prescribed amounts of food in order to lose weight.

Weight Watchers is a combination of these two points, but other diets also have varying degrees of emphasis on either—or both—of these approaches.

The key word here is to “restrict” oneself!  When you diet and restrict yourself you are using your conscious willpower.  When your will power weakens you are likely to lose the discipline to restrict your diet. The result is gaining all the weight back and sometimes even more.

So diets do work, but only as long as your will power is maintained. Research has shown that will power, located in the conscious mind, is like a rechargeable battery. The conscious energy to maintain one’s will power, especially with continual use,  discharges and eventually fails.

This insight enables us to bridge the seeming divide between the two philosophies:
Diets do work, for a while, until your conscious will power fails.

When your will power fails, or weakens to the point where you need support (such as Weight Watcher meetings or coaching from a personal trainer), the commitment to a diet falls apart.  This is the point at which old eating behaviours return and we lapse into our old, weight gaining patterns.

Will power in the conscious part of our mind is not the optimal tool for changing habits, beliefs and behaviors.  Consciously restricting your choices and quantities is taxing—and it drains the will power battery.

To really sustain a weight loss effort, the subconscious mind needs to change. It is the unconscious mindset that can power a lifestyle that brings you to—and effortlessly and naturally maintains your ideal body image.
The good news is that there are already powerful and creative resources within our subconscious mind.  The REALLY good news is that tapping into these resources is not difficult, not painful and not as costly as purchasing prepared meals.  Since habits, beliefs and your emotions associated with food are stored in your subconscious mind, Hypnotherapy enables you to access your subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy can address the underlying root cause elements that frustrate your efforts to achieve your desired lifestyle changes. When conducted by a fully trained professional, as part of a comprehensive approach that includes healthy eating choices and regular physical activity, Hypnotherapy can help activate the power your self-charging subconscious battery.

Possibly the most popular aspect of Hypnotherapy is that each clients’ old conscious beliefs, habits and self- image are replaced with their own desired attributes, via positive suggestions delivered to their subconscious by an expert in a setting and process that is quiet, calm and painless.

Transformational Hypnotherapy has helped people just like you to begin their journey of self-transformation to a healthy and joyous life style.  Talk with Transformational Hypnotherapy today to begin your journey of transformation to a body that feels great, a mind that’s clear and to the joy of achieving and maintaining an ideal body weight for the rest of your life

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