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Overweight people really want to lose weight and yet fail to lose weight time and time again. If this is you, you may get to a point where you think “I can’t lose weight”.  You may even start to believe that it’s not possible to lose weight. Each time I try and fail, proves that I just can’t lose weight.

Let’s pretend, just pretend that you are 52 pounds overweight and with 100% certainty that once a week for a year at the point of a gun that you would be shot if you did not lose one pound a week.  I’m certain that you would be 52 pounds lighter in one year. And if with the same certainty and motivation, you had to continue to keep the weight off and once a week you had to weigh yourself, you would not gain the weight back.

The point of this extreme story is to illustrate no matter how many times you failed in the past, it is possible for you to change!  The point is you can change, you can lose weight and keep it off permanently!   

Now, ask yourself if I can change why can’t I lose weight and keep the off because I want to do it not due to some external force.

The answer is; you can change, you can enjoy permanent and lasting weight loss without the need of external forces, you do have the internal resources to transform yourself.


Let’s start by saying you are now the sum of your thoughts.  You are the result of what you think. If you think happy thoughts, you will be happy. If you think you cannot permanently lose weight, you will believe and feel permanent weight loss is not possible.

What you think now will determine what you believe and feel about yourself now. The way to real and lasting weight loss is to change what you think and believe about of yourself deep down inside.

When deep down inside you find you have the internal resources, you can become kind of person that can lose weight and keep it off.  You will easily and automatically behave in ways that will turn your goals into reality.

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be very effective in helping people like you bypass their critical conscious mind that keeps them stuck in old thoughts, erroneous believes, and behavior patterns.

Hypnotherapy can help you tap into the power of your creative subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy can help you reprogram your subconscious mind so you can begin your journey of easily and effortlessly losing weight NOW!


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