Weight Loss

Adding hypnotherapy to other treatments for weight reduction has been documented in the medical literature to substantially increase weight loss over time.

However, even when hypnotherapy is used as a single approach (without other medical interventions) it has still been shown to offer lasting effectiveness. At the source of the Hypnotherapy’s effectiveness for weight loss is the ability for the client to re-set their relationship with food and eating.

The ability for Hypnotherapy to engage the subconscious mind (rather than the conscious level of thinking about restrictions) makes new eating behaviors easier to maintain. This, in turn, means that new eating patterns will be long-lasting which, in turn, translates to easier maintenance of the new, slimmer and trimmer you.

Remember: Before starting a weight loss program it is important to consult with your physician since changes in weight can arise from—or impact—other health conditions.

For more research on the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy to support the cessation of nicotine products, please visit our Blog and our Clinician page.



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